2024 Wall Ball Challenge

We’re excited to introduce you to our first ever Walpole Wall Ball Challenge! 


Lacrosse is a sport where kids can make a ton of progress in a short period of time. But it’s also a sport where it is hard to have fun if you can’t throw and catch the ball well yet.  The place to learn to throw and catch is in the backyard. In practice, the drills are “under pressure” (often have a defender, you’re moving, etc) and it is hard to learn the basics. The best way to develop exceptional stick skills is through spending time on a backyard rebounder or the Lacrosse Wall at the Lorusso Field Complex (less experienced players will find a backyard rebounder more doable to start).

Your coaches will frequently encourage you to play Wall Ball this year, but we wanted to give more specific guidance to those who are new to Wall Ball.

There will be 2 parts to the challenge and prizes for both!  

Part 1: Complete the Monthly Challenges below. 

Part 2: Complete a Before/After test to see how much you’ve improved during the year!  The Monthly Challenge should not take you long, about 4 days a week, 15 minutes a day. Building a consistent routine will significantly improve your game and you’ll have a lot more fun. At the beginning of June, you can complete a test to see how much you’ve improved since April!



For Grades K-3 - If you’re in Grades K-3, you will choose 1 of the 2 programs below based on your experience and skill.  There is an “Audra Program”, and a “Sydney Program” (named after two current college lacrosse players from Walpole - Audra Tosone and Sydney Scales).  See below to determine which program is best-suited for you at this stage of your development. Remember - it is not where you start, it is where you finish.  


For Grades 4-8 - skip down to your Monthly Challenge below


***NOTE***  For players of any age, if you’re already doing a wall ball program with your Club Lacrosse team, just stick with your Club’s program.  Submit it at the end of the month with the days crossed off, per the instructions below, and you’ll get credit in town too!  The big goal here is to get players practicing and improving stick skills!


GRADES K-3 Monthly Challenge

Audra Program: If you are currently able to throw and catch a ball less than 10 times in a row on a rebounder/wall with good form and without dropping the ball, use the Audra program. Most K, 1st, 2nd, and many 3rd graders will be best-served in the Audra Program.


Sydney Program: If you are regularly able to throw and catch a ball more than 10 times on a rebounder/wall with good form and without dropping the ball, use the Sydney Program. More experienced 3rd graders and those in grades 4-8 will be best served in the Sydney program.


K-3 Players - once you know your current skill level - choose the Audra or the Sydney Program. 

Click and Print the Audra Program April & May or the Sydney Program - April and May


GRADES 4-8 Monthly Challenge 

All players in Grades 4-8 have the same challenge - click here for Grades 4-8 April and May


ALL GRADES - SUBMIT your completion of a monthly challenge by sharing a picture of your completed calendar with all the dates crossed off with this google form and we’ll get back to you about your reward!  



You will time yourself at the start and end of the season to see your improvement!  We’ll use the honor system - submit your scores below.

Before Wall Ball challenge (April):

  • # of catches in 1 min righty.
  • # of catches in 1 min lefty.

End of Wall Ball challenge (June)

  • # of catches in 1 min righty.
  • # of catches in 1 min lefty.


SUBMIT your April numbers during the week of April 8th - use this link

SUBMIT your June numbers the week of June 3rd - use this link


  • I finished my Wall Ball Challenge every day for the month - how and when do I submit it?
  • What if I miss a day?
  • We don’t own a rebounder, where can we do the challenge?
  • I am new to lacrosse, how do we get started learning the basic skills?
  • You said to focus on Form and Technique. Can you give us more details?
  • Are there any rewards for completing the challenge?


For answers to these questions - see the FAQs here!