About us

Our Mission

Walpole Youth Girls Lacrosse is a community-run nonprofit youth sports league for girls ages K through 8th grade. Our mission is to develop young women athletes and leaders on and off the field. We work very closely with our girls High School Boosters to support continuous player development throughout their youth athletic career. We participate in the Founders Lacrosse League in Massachusetts. 

Our Policies

Refund Policy
Registration Fee Refund Policy:

​A full refund will be issued, for refund requests made prior to the registration deadline for a program (12/31/23). 

  • A 50% refund will be issued for refund requests made after the registration deadline and 4 weeks before the program start date.

  • No refunds will be issued after 4 weeks before the program start date. 

There are fixed costs and decisions made prior to the start of each season/program. There is significant planning & administrative work performed prior to the start of the season.  


Financial Assistance

We don't want finances to be a main driver for not being able to participate or try lacrosse. We offer financial assistance to those who would like to play lacrosse but may not be able to afford a portion or all of the registration fee. If you would like financial assistance, please contact us (walpolegirlslax@gmail.com) and your request will remain private and confidential.  


Parent and Player have read the code of conduct together.  

Walpole Youth Girls Lacrosse is committed to providing an environment that fosters fun, good sportsmanship, and personal and physical growth for its young athletes. Our goal is to ensure that the experiences of children participating in our programs promote responsibility and the best elements of team competition. Our organization welcomes all eligible participants to become a part of its lacrosse programs but requires participants to acknowledge that appropriate behavior is an essential ingredient to the success of the program and the enjoyment of those involved.

Being a player, coach, umpire, spectator or participant of any kind as part of a WYGL program is a privilege. This privilege may be withdrawn or denied by WYGL when it is determined that a person’s conduct is inconsistent with the best interest of sport, the player or any participants. WYGL has the authority to take disciplinary action in the case of violations of this code, including suspension and a termination of participation, without refund of participation or other fees. 

General Behavior: 

  • Discrimination or any kind including based on gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression or mental or physical disability will not be tolerated. 

  • Sportsmanship and fair play to game, opponents, coaches, umpires and spectators should be in the forefront of a team’s basic philosophy and attitude. In all situations, players, coaches, umpires and spectators are expected to participate in accordance with the spirit and intent of the game and in compliance with the rules.  

If a player is disruptive to the learning experience, coaches will politely/kindly ask a player to sit out for a drill until the player is ready to engage in a positive way. 

Player Code of Conduct:

Walpole Youth Girls Lacrosse promotes good conduct by all participants. WYGL players will respect all players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators by the following:

  • Play hard but fair. Play by the rules of the game. Demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Win with dignity and lose with grace.  

  • Support your teammates at all times.

  • Refrain from using profanity at practices or games.

  • Be committed to the team. Attend and pay attention at practices and games.

  • Respect referees by politely accepting their decisions. Never talk back or show up an official.

  • Respect coaches by politely accepting their coaching and accepting their decisions about what is best for the team. Ask questions and seek to improve.

Parents Code of Conduct:

  • Help your child understand and honor the Player Code of Conduct

  • Recognize and applaud good play on both sides

  • Encourage your child's commitment to his/her team 

  • Honor the game by never criticizing players, coaches or referees either explicitly or implicitly (e.g. groaning, physical motions, coaching from the stands)

  • Encourage other spectators to honor these expectations

  • Understand the coach has sole authority to make playing time and position decisions


Walpole Youth Girls Lacrosse is committed to player development. We expect players to attend at LEAST one practice a week to be eligible to fully participate in games. Routinely missing practices will lead to lessened playing time at games, which is at the coach's discretion.

For Select team members, WYGL expects attendance at Sunday games to be eligible to start and fully participate in Select games.

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