WYGL Select Teams

All Select teams (3/4, 5/6, and 7/8) will be rostered based on a try-out opportunity and the prior season's evaluations, which include stickwork, athleticism, lax IQ, coachability and attitude. As this is the League's more competitive teams, playing time will not be even - it will be based on skills, fitness and attitude. Positions will be at the Coach's discretion and the League WILL NOT take parent feedback on playing time or positions. All players MUST participate in Sunday's rec league as well.

2023 Dates

Friday Select League Games (for 3/4, 5/6, 7/8):
  • Week #1: April 5
  • Week #2: April 12 (Friday before public school vacation)
  • Week #3: April 26
  • Week #4: May 3
  • Week #5: May 10
  • Week #6: May 17
  • Week #7: May 31
  • Playoffs: (2 rounds) June 6-13 (optionally, we may start playoffs on May 31)
  • Championship Friday: June 14

General Rules

  • Select League Game rules are defined on the 2023 EMWLUA Common Rules Card HERE
  • Full checking is only allowed at 7/8 grade with two adult officials -- otherwise it's modified checking.
  • Modified checking always applies to 5/6 Select League play.
  • No pass requirement for 5/6 or 7/8 Select League play.
  • Games are scheduled on the hour: two 25-minute halves.

Specific Select League Rules

  • Games do not end in a tie.
  • A 2-player Braveheart competition —1 field player and 1 goalie per team — determines winner as follows:
    • A goalie from each team protects the same cage (they are in or out of the goal based on who has possession.
    • Braveheart starts with a draw at midfield. Players position for the draw on the same side teams started the game on.
    • If a goalie makes a save, they are allowed a free clear to her teammate, who then takes the ball out to the 12-meter fan before attacking, allowing the goalies to switch places. Defenders can engage as soon as the ball is cleared to the 12-meter fan.
    • First goal wins.